Tuesday, October 05, 2010

MS Office Home and Business 2010

I finally went to the store and got Microsoft Office for my netbook - the Home and Business 2010 version. OpenOffice was good but very limited in what it can do. I have sort of gotten used to Office 2007 (though I still need to squint my eyes and look for stuff I am used to in the older version). I'll see how Office 2010 will fare - I was told that Outlook is much better in this new version.



  1. Ann and I are still using Office 2003 and will be as long as they support it.. or until I get a deal on 2007. :)

  2. Oh yes, stick to 2003. I think the 2007 version kinda screw things up. But after using 2007 for a year at work, I feel the 2010 version is not much of a problem and it is quite instinctive.