Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Pastoral Leadership & Ministry

My Pastoral Leadership & Ministry assignment is due on 28th November 2010 and I have just passed it up! This is a record for me. I have never ever handed in any assignments until the very last week or even hour, if emailing is allowed.

Being an INFP, with an extremely strong P, I have this need to wait until the very last moment just to be satisfied that I have had access to whatever material I can get my hands on and that I have included whatever I deem valuable into the assignment. To me, early submission is an ineffective use of available resources.

But submitted it I have. I have no choice actually. Taking a TEE programme on a part time basis, we cannot have more than 3 modules pending on hand. Including this Pastoral module, I have 4. But STM is lenient for students who are about to graduate. Now that I have handed this one in, I have 3 more with assignments to work on: Exegesis of 1 Corinthians, Biblical Theology and Major Religion in Malaysia.

And I need one more to graduate and it happens to be Introduction to the New Testament, which is odd because anyone can see that this by no way should be anyone's last module! But things happen, and over the years I somehow could not manage to attend this module. I keep missing it and it has to end up being my last before I graduate. And what is amusing is that Introduction to the Old Testament was my very first module when I started TEE in Aug 2003.



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  3. Wahlau ... hebat la u! LOL!

    That's supposed to be the prerequisite paper for all the NT related courses and you actually got through the "preliminary requirements" *without* fuss.

    I remembered having to "humbly" request the permission to do Interpreting NT when I had never done the Intro to NT paper.

    But GLAD you finish ahead of time.

  4. Well, your modules are somewhat in chronological order from OT to NT so that makes sense :)

  5. Melissa,
    Now they are more strict :)