Friday, October 15, 2010

You got to be more like us men

What I went through today reminds me a lot of a House M.D. episode I have watched:

Season 5, Episode 12: Painless

At Cuddy’s house. She was at home with the baby after a home inspection to see if she is eligible for adoption. The inspection was earlier than expected and she did not have time to clean up her mess at home. There’s a knock on the door. Cuddy sees who it is.

Cuddy: It’s open. [Wilson enters carrying a giant, stuffed duck. She laughs.] Thank you.

Wilson: Is it too big?

Cuddy: She’ll grow into it. You can put it there. [She points to a chair.]

Wilson: I take it the home inspection was pushed back.

Cuddy: I passed.

Wilson: You do realize that's a good thing?

Cuddy: This place was a disaster. I had to stash a dirty diaper in my briefcase.

Wilson: So you buy another briefcase.

Cuddy: I let House supervise himself. That’s like handing a 12-year-old the keys to the liquor cabinet and the car.

Wilson: You passed the inspection. The patient lived. The car is still in the driveway.

Cuddy: And the next time my nanny gets sick when House wants to saw someone in half?

Wilson: Did I mention you passed the inspection?

Cuddy: I passed by their meager standard. I failed by mine.

Wilson: Why do women always do that?

Cuddy: Fail?

Wilson: Create ridiculous standards that no human could meet, with your careers, with your kids. You got to be more like us men.

Cuddy: Be lazy? Blame others?

Wilson: Get help! Most men in your position have a deputy and two assistants at work, and a wife and two nannies at home. You’re not superwoman. Don’t be a martyr.

So, when can I get a wife and two nannies because I am no superwoman and I don't want to be a martyr.



  1. I love House! I love most shows about eccentric geniuses like Columbo, Lie to Me, Monk, and some others.

    And I hope you can find a balance between all that is one your plate Pearlie. Sometimes finding balance is really hard.

  2. Oh! I LOVE "Lie To Me"!!!
    Thanks KB, yes, it is hard to find a balance - harder to meet up to the expectations of others.