Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Cheese Roomin Gourmet, Bangsar Shopping Center

My son finally found his most favourite place in the world. It is the cheese room in Gourmet, Bangsar Shopping Complex. The room has an almost freezing temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. I am not sure how many kinds of cheese they carry but the beauty of it is that you are welcomed to try any kind you like in there.

We tried several kinds recommended by the assistant and they were simply wonderful. We left with a purchase of some goat cheese and a delightful cheddar. Yummm...

Just look at his face.

I have never seen so much cheese and so many kinds in one place before.

He is not leaving.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Words of healing, words of grace

There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

~ Proverbs 12:18

Has anyone ever spoken to you rashly?
Someone did that to me this morning.
Did you feel the sword stabbed through thoroughly?
I did this morning.

What has happen to us all?
We'll bite and stab the back of another.
What will become of us, what will befall?
We'd wish hell on each other.

Oh no, we need instead words of healing,
Words that help, which soothe, which are appealing.
The words that were given this morning, I will not receive,
To the person the words I return, over them I will not grieve.
Words of healing, words of grace,
Are what I will take, are what I will embrace.

(c) 2011 Pearlie Ng
All rights reserved

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping: An Irrational Behaviour

You know how weird we are sometimes -- or maybe I should rephrase -- I know I am weird sometimes. I would go to the store and spend without thinking, like I just spend more than 300 bucks on cosmetics last weekend, and regretting it now. But when I am at the Apple Appstore or, the secondhand online bookstore, it will take me ages to decide whether to buy a 99 cents app or a RM30 book (plus shipment). I still do that -- I'd put things it in the cart and ponder and ponder and ponder whether I should purchase it, and never do. For the record, my carts in, www,, and are now filled with many books.

I am not sure exactly why but I think the reason is that it is less probable for me to go to the physical store than to the online store, which is accessible anytime and anywhere. As such, purchasing from the online store would be easier and thus deem more "dangerous" as I could overspend. But the truth is, I am overspending at the physical stores instead.

Weird, irrational, regrettable.


Monday, March 28, 2011


Graduation - what does it mean? I am not so sure now. I first graduated in 1991, which is AGES ago and I did not feel that it was any special then - it was just a mark that I have finished my studies and with a graduation paper, I could find a job.

Now, exactly 20 years down the line, I am graduating again (on the assumption that I hand in 2 assignments by early September). Being more matured and more mindful of things as well as being more philosophical, not always at the right time, I am not too sure what it means to me now...I am still thinking about it.

But I must admit that I did not really have a good experience in my first graduation. I did not know what to expect (there wasn't any Wikipedia or Google back then) and I just let things happen along the way and when it all began to unfold, I wished I had done it differently.

And now that I am doing it the second time, I would have that chance. But I keep asking myself, why am I going for the ceremony?


Saturday, March 26, 2011

My 5-month TEE marathon

Today marks the end of my TEE marathon which begun in November 2010 until a moment ago when I sent off the last of the 6 assignments that I have to submit for 3 modules.

BUT I still have one more module to go! Ah, the last leg of a race is always the hardest. But I can at least rest for awhile until my final deadline for my last 2 New Testament assignments on 5th September 2011. I am sure I can give myself a break of at least 2-3 months before I dive back in.

However, you may agree that since I am on the roll, I should keep the momentum going and start working on the two papers. But 5 months is a long time. If I can manage 6 papers in the past 5 months, I am sure I can do better with 2 in the same time.

In that 5 months of churning out paper after paper, quality is the not prime in my mind as it was before. My goal is just to finish them in time for submission and if I think they are okay, off they go. Can't think too much, can't amend or change or add too much.

Phew! It has been a tiring 5 months. I thank God I am still in one piece, or at least I think so. I was struggling last week on the doctrine of monotheism. It is not a struggle of the doctrine in itself but something that is quite quirky but worrying to me.

Ah! I must stop thinking. Maybe 'tis time to hibernate.

Sigh ... I wish!