Monday, March 28, 2011


Graduation - what does it mean? I am not so sure now. I first graduated in 1991, which is AGES ago and I did not feel that it was any special then - it was just a mark that I have finished my studies and with a graduation paper, I could find a job.

Now, exactly 20 years down the line, I am graduating again (on the assumption that I hand in 2 assignments by early September). Being more matured and more mindful of things as well as being more philosophical, not always at the right time, I am not too sure what it means to me now...I am still thinking about it.

But I must admit that I did not really have a good experience in my first graduation. I did not know what to expect (there wasn't any Wikipedia or Google back then) and I just let things happen along the way and when it all began to unfold, I wished I had done it differently.

And now that I am doing it the second time, I would have that chance. But I keep asking myself, why am I going for the ceremony?


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  1. cos you worked hard for it :) go for it! would go myself if it weren't for the distance.