Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bullyproof Your Child for Life
by Joel Haber, Ph.D.

I have been hunting around for interesting books in Kobo when I found this. I started reading it but have not reached the good parts yet. The author has promised ways and tools and even scripts to be used to handle and to tackle bullying.

He says, "In this book, I'l teach you my 'Bullyproofing Prescription,' a set of instructions for adults to use with kids to get them out of bullying situations and keep them out of bullying situations. These aren't goofy comeback lines, and we won't get into too much theoretical discussion about the bully's sad home life or the state of society. What you need are practical answers to help your child right now, and I will provide them. You're going to learn how to get your child to open up to you; how to teach your child resilience; what the most important factor is in repelling bullies; how to approach a teacher, principal, coach, or camp director with your concerns; how to track a cyberbully; how to help without taking over; what to say when it seems no one's listening; and more. We'll do all this with sample scripts and exercises, written policies you can show to authority figures, and checklists to help you follow each step."

I have very high hopes on this book and I do hope he delivers. I shall see.


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