Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Euphoria Centric

Someone warned me once of being addicted to seminars and conferences, especially those with a lot of hype going on about them. I am wondering if the same can be said about Christian retreats and conferences. Can we get so addicted to such events, to induce such euphoria so as to keep us on the high all the time?

I just returned from a great time spent in a silent retreat and finding it hard to return to normalcy, and I am already making plans to sign up for the next silent retreat. Am I going for the high?

I am going to say yes and no. Yes in the sense that any good experiences with God will bring you to a high, the good kind. This is because of his wondrous and gracious being, and him being a well-spring of perfect and eternal joy. How not to be on a high after a prolonged time in the joyous presence of a loving God?

But it is a no in the sense that it is not an empty happiness. Any real experiences with God will bring about the fruits of the Spirit; it should, it must. We are expected to grow more mature in him and bear much fruits. Going to retreats and conferences will be pointless if we have not changed, if we have not grown closer in relationship with God. And that is the determinant whether we are just going for the high or going for the change.


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