Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hope of Dying

I was reading some articles this morning when I happened upon an excerpt of an article with a parable that goes this way:

A man was leaning over the rail of a ship sailing a stormy sea. The ship's doctor came along with the cheerful greeting, "Don't worry; nobody ever died of seasickness!" To which the suffering wretch heaved back a weary reply: "Don't say that, Doc; only the hope of dying is keeping me alive."*

I went, "Whoa! What was that?"
The hope of dying keeps us alive?

As I thought of about it, it began to make sense. We do not live and live forever in this world, but sometimes we live as if we have the elixir of life to just go on and on living as if there is no end. (I am of course not referring to the eternal life in Christ but to our physical life on earth.)

It is because of this hope that we die that we live. I am not sure if you get that because I have to repeat that a few times and strain my mind each time to realise how truthful it is. It is because of the hope of dying that we live.

Hmm ... Profound.


* The Christian Century, 19 Oct 1977

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