Sunday, May 22, 2011

My God is Real

I concluded my silent retreat today and God is so amazing. I shared how He revealed Himself to me yesterday through a dragonfly and rolling thunder. It is in this retreat that I desired to find God again. He has personally and deliberately shown Himself to me. It was not as if certain things in nature "spoke" to me with a lesson. The dragonfly literally flew into my face and the thunder rolled with exact timing. No one can do this except God.

So as I close my time with God in this silent retreat, I was seated by the pool taking in the day. The dragonfly came by and I was delighted. I took it as God affirming His presence to me, that He is with me and He is for real. I thanked Him and asked Him, "Thunder, too?"

But the sun was up and it was a hot day. I smiled and did not think further about it as it was time for the closing session. We gathered together for faith sharing. Sister Francisca requested each of us to share one thing that we experienced in the retreat as worship to give glory to God. I do not like to share that much, I rather not talk and so I told myself, "Nah, I am not going to share or say much."

Well, at that very moment, thunder rolled. No kidding! It is simply amazing. The sun was still up and thunder was rolling. "Ok, ok, I will share then."

I was the second last to share and it was at least 20 minutes before my turn came and would you believe that the thunder was still rolling? God gave me special effects even as I shared His wondrous glory to my fellow participants. Sorry to have to use that word again, but isn't it amazing.

I used to sing the song, "My God is real, real in my soul; my God is real for He has washed and made me whole; His love for me is like pure gold; my God is real for I can feel Him in my soul," and still didn't quite feel it. I not only feel it now, I know it with my being, with my soul.

My God is real. Amen.


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