Monday, May 30, 2011

Walking and Thanking

I was recently taught to pray in step as I walk. But I hate walking. Not because I am lazy but because I don't walk well. There is this in-born thing I have that makes it hard to walk properly.

During my silent retreat, we were introduced the Walking Prayer - at least that is what I think it is called. It is as simple as you pray in beat as you walk in your own natural rhythm. This has been helpful to me because all along, I pay attention to the way I walk when I walk, reminding myself to be careful and to walk properly, but now I am taking it in a prayerful manner whenever I can. I say my thanksgiving as I walk, thankful that I am still walking, that I can still get to places, even though not with ease as an ordinary person, but at least I can still go where I want to, for now, and I am thankful.


Photo (c) 2009 Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo


  1. I'll have to try this....because I don't walk like I should because I am lazy. But I am a prayer and maybe incorporating them will help me walk more :o) Thanks for your sweet comment and concern for the loss of our precious Suzette.

  2. You are welcome, Susan. I am praying for you and all at home. Keep well!