Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Draw of Books, Printed or Otherwise

I was in Kinokuniya today and succumbed to the draw that books have on me. I bought 4 of them, one on Carl Jung and 3 by Carl Jung. I may have gone electronic but I still gave in to printed books this round. My excuse was that these books are not available electronically, though I found out later that one of them was and I would have saved RM30 if I have gotten the electronic version. Kinokuniya does not have a return policy and so I am stuck with it; which is still okay because I am already halfway through Jung, The Key Ideas. I plan to finish it tomorrow so that I can get back to Tan Siang Yang's Counseling and Psychotherapy volume.

I'm back to being bookish again after a long draught but hmm...I would never have thought I'd actually end up with these:

Jung: The Key Ideas, Teach Yourself
Ruth Snowden (2010)

Four Archetypes
Carl Jung (Routledge Classic, 2003)

Answer to Job
Carl Jung (Routledge Classic, 2002)

Children's Dreams: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1940 (Jung Seminars)
Carl Jung (Princeton University Press, 2007)


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