Sunday, June 12, 2011

E-books: confirmed convert

Ever since I have downloaded Kobo into my iPhone exactly a month ago, I have finished 4 books, the latest being Geraldine Brooks's Nine Parts of Desire, The Hidden World of Islamic Women.

I am a confirmed e-book convert.

I am now contemplating which will be my next read. I am thinking I will go for Mark Kurlansky's Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World.

The irony is that I have bought his other volume Salt: A World History in print a couple of years ago and I have not read it.

So there it is. As much as I still love the smell and feel of books, e-books work much, much better for me.

And here is one reason why I like Kobo:

My Reading Life



  1. Interesting. I am looking at Kobo but cannot find the answer to whether eBooks from Kobo can be read using other readers like eBook from iPad or Kindle. Any idea?

    It is a struggle for me. I like eBook but have problems with their format. Often the books can only be read by certain eReaders only. So I worry about storage and reuse.

  2. You might get some answers here:

    1. Comparison of e-book formats

    2. How do I export my Kobo books

    I think the software to use is Calibre. I will try it soon and update you. From my cursory glance at the above 2 links, you should be able to read the ePub books in Kobo and iBooks in the iPad. The Kindle uses a different format.

    I have both Kobo and iBooks in my iPhone and iPad. I enjoy using Kobo more because there are statistics and awards (like those in Foursquare, if you are familiar with it). I will send or post some jpegs for your view.

    The only reason however why I use Kobo is the fact that I think it is the only reader for now that sells me international editions, not all books but a good enough selection to allow me to get something interesting to read.

  3. Alex,
    I have updated my post with some jpegs for your view :)
    This is what iBooks does not have. Moreover, I can access the same books in Kobo in my iPhone, iPad and PC. But the problem as I have mentioned, highlights and notes do not sync across devices though.

  4. hi, thanks for your comments and jpeg. Looks good. I mainly use kindle which I am quite satisified with.

    My only beef with ebooks is the many platforms and formats. I do wish the publishers will agree on a simple multi reader format like digital videos.

  5. Kindle sells international editions? I could not even download the app into my iPhone.

    In Kobo can you copy, cut, or export selected passages?

    Sadly, it does not. I am still in the midst of figuring how to transfer the books to Calibre.

  6. You can get international editions for kindle if you have a s US account.

  7. US account with iTunes or Amazon? But without a valid credit card?

  8. Kindle with amazon, iBooks with iTune. You do need a US credit card and a US address

  9. Then you should just stick to those two and forget Kobo - the reason why I stuck with Kobo is because I can purchase books where I cannot with iBooks and Kindle. I did find a way through iTunes giftcards and a US account but it will be more troublesome, risky and expensive since people will be selling the giftcards at a premium.

    My only frustration with Kobo is that I don't always get the books I want. But it's better than nothing :)