Friday, June 10, 2011

Integrating Psychology and Christianity?

I was very interested in the subject of psychology since my younger days. Wish I had pursued it then, but now that I have revived the interest and begun to read and research the topic, I do wonder how psychology and Christianity would fare together. Can I, as a committed Christian, study and practice psychology?

One of my close friends is always worried when I bring the subject up, and he would hand me volumes of Christian writings about humanity and the human soul.

I found this website today that has a very interesting article entitled "Integrating Psychology and Christianity". The writer John Shepard said, "The key question is whether or not psychology is based on a world view which opposes the essentials of the Christian faith. This includes the assumptions of psychology of materialism, rationalism, determinism and relativism, and that humans are not self-aware, responsible and free moral agents. Christians cannot accept these philosophical assumptions and at the same time remain true to their faith."

So far in my fragmentary study of the subject, I have not seen any contradictions yet. I suppose I would when I do, if I do, get to the depth of it.



  1. Do read Tan Siang Yang's new book Counseling and Psychotheraphy: A Christian Perspective. Great book and may asnwer some of your questions.

  2. Know what? In my search for my next read in Kobo, I did see this book being available :) Now with your recommendation, I will get it. Thanks!

    I also did send an email to the writer of the article and I received a reply - let me share it with you.

  3. But then again, this is a technical book. Should I get it in a mobile version?

    The problem with Kobo now is that whatever highlights and notes I include will only appear in the device I included them, i.e. if I add notes using my iPhone, I will not have access to the same notes in Kobo in my PC or iPad. I have highlighted this to the developer of Kobo and they said they will/might bring this up as an update version of Kobo.

  4. Siang Yang wrote it as a textbook but should be no problem reading it as an ebook.

    In Kobo can you copy, cut, or export selected passages?