Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interpreting dreams?

Since reading about Jung, I began to pay more attention to my dreams. I used to have an opinion that dreams are nothing but night escapades for the mind, and nothing more than that.

However, I am quite convinced now that they do represent something. I agree to a certain degree with Jung that dreams represent our inner and outer aspects of our lives of which we are not consciously aware of. And so far, I've actually interpreted two of my own dreams and one of my good friend's.

In Scripture, we find that God uses dreams to speak to his people, to prophecy and also as a form of revelation. Whilst I believe God is still doing that -- I have heard of testimonies that some people get converted through dreams from God -- it has become rarer among us for God to prophecy through us in dreams.

But dreams still form a very important part of us as individuals. We are not aware of our unconscious mind, and it is in our dreams that it relates to us in symbols.

The three dreams that I have interpreted, I did it by relating them to our personal experiences and what certain symbols may mean to us, to see what we need to learn and unlearn from it. I do not refer to archetypes, or universal interpretation of symbols, though sometimes they may help. To me, what we dream is personal to us, unless we have a reason to believe that God is prophesying through us, and if and when that happens, we need to compare it with Scripture.

Anyway, there is this one dream of mine I still have no idea what it means, I dreamt I was in the departmental store trying on a pair of plain black shoes. When I remove it to be tried by someone else, they had hideous black spikes jutting out all over. I then walked to the other stores but they were all out of shoes. It's a weird dream, and I've given up trying to interpret it. Moreover, I've forgotten the context or what was I experiencing when I had that dream and so it is not important anymore, unless of course it is a premonition from God, which is exactly what my friend's dream was. Interpreting that one was downright amazing.

So, I understand some, I don't understand some. It's alright, but all in all, the biggest problem is still remembering them at all!



  1. One suggestion is to immediately record the dream as soon as you wake up
    (1) general outline
    (2) impressions
    (3) associated emotions
    (4) time and date

  2. Ya, I did think of it but never got down to doing it. Just can't bring myself to write anything down half asleep. The night I wanted to do that, I actually dreamed I dreamed and woke up and start noting the dream on the walls and on the street!

    Thanks for the list - I would have just done #1 and #4. #2 and #3 will be useful.