Friday, June 17, 2011

Why do I go to church?

Have you ever wondered why you are at the church you are at? I grew up in a Methodist church I had been attending for years, which was the church my grandfather attended and the church my dad attended. I met my husband in that church, we got married there, and we raised a family within the community of that church.

But soon we found ourselves no longer in a "community" as our friends moved on where their career brought them and where family responsibilities require them. I felt that we could not experience church life as a community anymore. The church became to me a city church where we just attend church once a week and a community spirit was in lack. So we decided to find a church where we can build a relationship within a community and we started attending a church, Methodist, which is just 2 minutes away from our home. We were soon attending prayer meetings and bible studies other than the regular Sunday service.

But for some reasons I'd rather not disclose here, we have decided to move on. And we have been on a limbo ever since. We returned to our original church, but to a preaching point nearer to our home. But somehow, we could not quite fit into the community there. Suffice to say that we could not speak their "language" nor do we have much in common other than the fact that we worship the same God.

Which brings me to a dilemma. Why do I go to church? I have never asked this question that seriously before. It is obvious I "go to church" because I desire to worship the God whom I love. The phrase "go to church" is interesting though because church is not exactly a building but the body of Christ. In that sense, I would say that I gather together with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to worship God together and in doing so I relate to God and to one another in love. And what if I cannot fit into this group of brothers and sisters? It is not that I do not like them, we are just different. Does that warrant a reason for us to find a more suitable group of people to be with, to worship God together with?



  1. Yes!!! That "discomfort" is God nudging you to move on. Having been in various "churches" over our many years we are grateful for the different building blocks that we feel have been placed in our lives and the broader foundational teaching we have received as a result.

    Yes, the "church" is not the building, or the denomination, but the collection of Christ followers, THE CHURCH, of which we are joined. It is a universal body and HE has just the place where He desires "your" body part to be fitted for this time.

    These are MY thoughts, Pearlie. I pray you follow His leading to that place where He wants you to be for this time.

  2. Thanks, Susan :) (((((hugs)))))