Oh no, Amazon has eaten our beloved Book Depository!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I was in STM this morning and while having breakfast with Kar Yong and some fellow classmates, I learnt that Bookdepository has been acquired by Amazon. And I share the same dismay with Guardian that Amazon has eaten our beloved Book Depository.

It is the only decent place we can buy books online at a better price and free shipping. We do not yet know what Amazon will do with it. But as business and competition goes, I am imagining they'd, as Guardian so aptly put it, eat it up, gobble it all and they are done for...we are done for.

Boo hoo.


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3 comment(s)

  1. must take full advantage of free delivery before amazon.com cancel it!

  2. But I don't have much of a wish list now. Will you be taking the opportunity before it's shut down?

  3. Yes, I definitely would. Transport fees are really expensive!