Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaps in my brain

Why is it that you find what you are looking in the last place you look?!

My memory is failing me. I spent the whole evening looking for my computer charger cord. I tried tracing my steps to no avail. I finally checked in the most unlikely place and there it was. Then I remember putting it into a paper bag. I packed the paper bag aside forgetting what was in there.

I leave gaps in my brain.



  1. LOL, it doesn't get better with age Pearlie! I do try to do things a bit more systematically because of it though.

    Hope you have been well. My web time has been restricted as my sore back has prevented me from carrying my laptop to the hospital.

  2. it doesn't get better with age

    Sigh...I have to grudgingly admit that.

    I have been well, thanks :)
    Hope that for you too. I have been praying for Ann and yourself. Do continue to keep well, (yes, do mind your back :) and stay well in faith and in the faith. God bless!