Feeling guilty?

The project that I was working on has been completed. I was taken in on a contract basis, and I am not engaged in anything for now. There are no projects running at the moment.

I am talking the opportunity to a long deserved break. I worked a full month December last year, which has not happened before, and being contracted, there weren't many off-days I could take. And so, I think this long break is a well-deserved one.

Except that it suddenly feels weird not being at work, and feeling a bit guilty.



  1. Don't feel guilty. Spend this month to totally reflect and enjoy all Our Savior HAS done for us!!!

  2. I think that guilt is a normal feeling for workaholics like us Pearlie. :)

    Be thankful for the feeling because it might be revealing an issue and helping you to bring back a bit of balance.

    Either way, I hope this season of Advent find you experiencing much peace and joy.

  3. Thanks Susan. he has indeed done so much for us!

  4. I think so, KB, though I don't really see myself much of a workaholic! LOL

    Wishing the same for you for this Advent Season too.


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