I, a reluctant housekeeper

My library has been "inaccessible" for awhile. What I mean by inaccessible is this: I am a reluctant-housekeeper, I simply feel that it takes too much time and that I do not have enough of. But I am not proud of it.

I do housework, major ones, on a project basis. Some time ago, I embarked on a Project Clean-Up Cluttered Bedroom. The result was a messed up library. This was because all the things I cleared from my bedroom went to the library, which was just outside my room. And I just left those things stay there, for quite awhile. I wasn't motivated to clear it.

This was followed by Project Clear-Up-the-Store. For people like me, the cluttered up folk, having a storeroom is a bad idea. Everything not required for the moment goes in there. One fine day, I gathered all the resolve I could muster and started to clear it. It took me several long days. I even ended up buying a paper shredder to dispose of documents like bank statements that I cannot simply bundle up and throw.

And finally it was Project Get-My-Library-Back-In-Place. The motivation that got me to it was a visit from a good friend. She had to fly over from Kota Kinabalu and I offered her to bunk in my place. As much as she did not mind whatever condition my pad is in, I do mind. When it comes to visitors, though rare, it matters.

So it has been for the last few days, every time I go up to my room, I can't help it but stop for a moment for savor the glorious view and take it the sweet aroma of my library. It is back in business.



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