The book and ebook debate

I recently had a debate with my husband and friends about which is better, book books (what I mean by hardcopy prints) or ebooks.

Being a proponent for ebooks -- since I found them so versatile, mobile and convenient, and with them so  much cheaper than printed books -- I obviously went all out to promote it. My friends were not convinced.

I do get it -- like them, I still like the feel and smell of books, but the mobility and convenience won me over though.

But my husband -- usually the smartest of whichever lot you put him in -- trumped the argument. His point was this: if you were trapped in your home during a war, you'd be more happy with a book book. Your ebook will not last for long. The battery will run out in no time, and you might not have a supply of electricity for long. It's a war.

He won.

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  1. I love eBooks because my wife and I can read the same book at the same time - she on her Nook and me on my phone. :)

  2. KB,
    Yea, it is good to share. I share mine too with the family. The only problem is maybe in adding notes - can't be too personal!!!

  3. Susan,
    I do too! :) I still do...


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