Christians should not practice yoga

I nearly signed up for a stress management workshop at work but when I was told that the facilitator will be using yoga as part of the stress management tools, I am relieved I did not.

I am one with the conviction that Christianity and yoga are not compatible. They have differing beliefs and spiritual foundation. I have heard of Christians who justifies it by saying, "it is just exercise". It is more than that and even the Hindu practitioners agree that yoga is more than just exercise and that it cannot be reduced to just an exercise. From the moment you take part in yoga, you delve into the very core of what it is.

For more information, check out what Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has to say about it: The Subtle Body — Should Christians Practice Yoga?  He says, "When Christians practice yoga, they must either deny the reality of what yoga represents or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace of yoga. The contradictions are not few, nor are they peripheral."

And here is a surprising agreement from Rajiv Malhotra, the founder of Infinity Foundation, The Dharma Initiative in his article in The Huffington Post: A Hindu View of 'Christian Yoga'.



  1. the team signed me up for this course. they said i need it after i walked out from the "counselling" session. had no idea yoga was involved. i suppose i'll just look bored.

  2. Thank you Pearlie for this post and the links. I have never liked the idea of Christians participating in Yoga but had no real teaching as to the why not. I just knew it wasn't compatible with my Lord.

  3. Ya, I agree with you. But i know of quite a no. of Christians (from our church) who do yoga regularly and dont think there's anything wrong. hmmm.. how to broach the subject? but is this considered a `grey' area?

  4. To start off, my deepest apologies. I did not realise that I had these comments that I need to approve for publishing. I never had my comments setting moderated before. But whatever the case, better late than never! :D

  5. Melissa, I didn't know you "signed" up. So how did you manage it?

  6. Susan, good that you have doubts. It is the listening to the whispers of the Spirit :)

  7. Ee-Tan, really? There are? I suppose they need to be informed and be "taught" what is right. But sometimes it is quite sensitive as well, so it has to come from people that they will listen to, pastors or leaders or friends they trust.


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