How to handle nosy people

I encountered the nosiest person today and I could not stop thinking about it in frustration: the nerve of her.

I have this thing that I usually get asked about, something I do not like to talk about at all. I always defer it by saying I am alright, thank you very much. Though what I really wish I can say is: mind your b*#+=/ business.

But this is the first time I have ever experienced someone who just do not get the cue that I do not want to talk about it, period. She was clueless and keep on asking me about it and even had the nerve to make guesses asking me if she was right. Argh!!!

Anyhow, what came out of this was that I began to formulate a standard response if I ever encounter such people again. All I need is to be calm, to pause, smile and deliver.

Except that right now, hours after it happened, I am still affected.



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