I am really getting old...no more denying that

I think I have presbyopia, which literally mean "old eyes". I have had 20-20 vision all my life and suddenly I find myself not being able to see far or near. The most comfortable distance of sight now is computer-screen-distance: from where I sit to where my computer rest on the table in front of me. Any distance nearer or further than that is now a problem.

On top of that, I did not realise it until I have strained my eyes too much trying to focus that I am seeing double. This means other than having presbyopia, I also have diplopia.

I now have 2 pairs of glasses. One for shortsightedness and one longsightedness. I did not make any bifocals because before I used my shortsightedness glasses, I can still see near but I think when my eyes got adjusted back to seeing far without straining too much, I can't see near as clearly anymore.

I feel very tired now, as I do every Friday (after 5 days of waking up early at 5.45am and sleeping late at midnight). My double vision right now is quite bad. Everyone from afar now has four eyes as far as I am concerned.



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