The One Grand Plan of God

Pastor Joshua said in his sermon on Sunday that Christmas is not a last minute plan. And I have always been reminded that the salvation plan is not Plan B but that it is the plan of God. That sparked a thought in me. Of the many thoughts I have lately, I pursued this one.

On another front, what has been filling my mind lately is the book of Genesis and its theology. I never had any issues with Genesis, with it being the book I have been taught since my childhood days. But ever since Pastor Marvin preached several sermons on Genesis some months ago, it has been filling my mind, my thoughts and generating many questions.

So here I tried to put these two things together - and I now firmly conclude that the creation event and the salvation work of Christ on the cross is God's One Plan for his creation of the human race, i.e. the creation of man and woman is not merely just a creation of man of woman, followed by the fall and then the birth of the Messiah to save man. But that the creation and salvation plan is literally one plan, from start to end, which God had from the very beginning, even before he formed anything in the universe (c.f. Eph 1:3-4).

And I may be treading on thin ice here but here is what I think. The Gospel of John begins with the same words as in Genesis, "In the beginning", and when Jesus was nailed on the cross, the last words he said was "It is finished". Jesus completed the creation plan, in that from the day man and woman were created, it will lead to the completion of the creation work with Jesus on the cross. I know scholars tie tetelestai, it is finished, to the completion of the work of salvation and atonement, and his obedience to the Father, but looking at the bigger picture, he is in effect completing his creation work. Creation of man is completed with Jesus's death on the cross, with continuing results in the present.

Moreover, after he said that, he gave up his spirit, breathed his last. Inasmuch as God breathed into Adam the breath of life, Jesus breathed his last so man will have eternal life.

So this is no Plan B. From the creation of the first Adam to the death and resurrection of the second Adam, it is the one Grand Plan of God.



  1. I have been postulating lately to write a paper, proposing that Plan A is Noah's flood, but then the plan failed when Noah the new Adam failed God. And then Plan B is election of Abraham--Christ.

    If not, I can't figure out what is the significance of Noah's flood.

  2. In a sense, the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost completed creation.

  3. Hi KB,
    I have been thinking about what you said for one whole month now! LOL...
    I both agree and disagree but I need to work it out more before going any further. I have been thinking and reading and I hope to continue to post in this line of thought when it is more firm.

  4. Hi Hermes,
    Based on my view, you won't be surprised that I totally disagree with you :)
    I just finished reading NT Wright's Evil and the Justice of God, and he does have a chapter in there on the Old Testament. Maybe you could read the book and then see if you can figure it out?

  5. Thanks Susan :)
    I know I have not been active in blogging compared to the years before and it is wonderful and heart warming to know that you are ever so active blogging and touching lives and hearts out in the world.
    Hugs to you!!!

  6. Thanks Pearlie for reply. I will be surprised if you agree with me.

    NT Wright is good at theologizing based on narratives tho he is not OT scholar.

  7. Hermes,
    I agree he is not an OT scholar, but nevertheless, he does have good insights.


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