I am a Lot

I have just finished the section on Lot in my devotion material on Genesis, and I am not so comfortable with it. All along my understanding of Lot has not been more than -- here's Lot, he separated himself from Abram, he settled in Sodom, Sodom is to be destroyed, he got out, and his wife turned into a pillar of salt for looking back.

But now I am beginning to see that we are, or at least I am, so much like him, and that is scary.

From the Genesis description of Sodom, we know that it is a town that was bad to the core. Ezekiel in 16:49 contends to that: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy. Hughes writes, "Sodom and Gomorrah were terrible little towns in which the inhabitants cared only for themselves while they brutalized and oppressed each other". Historian David Wells wrote, "There is violence on the earth. The liberated search only for power. Industry despoils the earth. The powerful ride roughshod over the weak. The poor are left to die on street grates. the unborn are killed before they can see the rich and beautiful word that God has made. The elderly are encouraged to get on with the business of dying so that we might take their places. The many forms that violence takes in our world provide stunning reminders of how false have the illusions about freedom will which we have, for two centuries, been enticed in the West".

So Sodom and Gomorrah were bad and so is the world we live in now.

Then Hughes wrote, "Lot was a conflicted soul, at the same time both offended and allured by Sodom. He liked the prosperity, the comforts, the 'culture', and the prestige. But he was worn down by the filthy lives of lawless men and perpetually tortured in his righteous soul by the deeds he saw and heard. As such, he is the prototype and paradigm of so many believers today. He is not a caricature, a joke written on the pages of antiquity. Lot is for real!"

Bear in mind that Peter called Lot "righteous" three times (2 Pet 2:6-9). So there is no question about his righteousness -- he is not yet perfect, but still righteous on account of his faith. But Lot got comfortable, albeit worn down, in Sodom. I am getting comfortable in this world I live in. Lot saw many shameless things happening in Sodom but probably did nothing about it. Probably he couldn't do much. I am seeing many shameless things around me, in TV, in the movies, in books, in the news, and I am doing nothing about it. I couldn't do much. He compromised by offering his daughters when people demanded for him to present to them the two guests in his house.

Have I compromised by selling my soul to the world for comfort, for entertainment, or just to fit in?



  1. Who initiated the parting, Lot or Abraham?

    Had Lot continued to be with Abraham, what could have happened to him?

    Could you recall God's promise to Abraham,people would be blessed thro keeping up with Abraham?

  2. What a thought provoking blog. I am going to be giving this much thought today as it is "sadly" right on.

  3. Hermes,
    It was Abram who suggested they part but Abram let Lot choose where he preferred to be. Had Lot continued with Abram, they would have to settle the problems they were having with their herdsmen. And Lot's wife (if she wasn't a Sodomite herself) would have had seen old age :)
    Which promised to Abraham were you referring to?

  4. Susan,
    Good (or not good) that I am not alone. Share with me your thoughts if you can.

  5. I love the way that Uncle Abraham interceded for his nephew.

  6. you have forgotten the pivotal role of Abrahamic promises in God's salvation plan? Gen 12, 15,17, 22 chapters? Most importantly where all people of the world will be blessed thro Abraham and his seeds...

    In Abraham's life itself, already proven people be blessed up keep up well Abraham and be cursed when confronting Abraham

  7. Abraham let Lot choose first, then what will happen if Lot chooses the area of promised land, then seems that Abraham will need to settle out of the Promised land. Isn't that act of Abraham place God's promise at risk?

  8. Recommend you a very good book!


  9. Hermes,
    Thanks for the book recommendation. i will certainly check it out.

    On your part where Abraham is putting God's plan at risk, it is a good point. But I suppose in the end, God's plan will still come to pass.

  10. triumph of grace over human error; but not the Joseph Prince type of grace only!


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