So many books, so little time

Just when I thought I have gone passed my book fever over the past few years, it looks like I am back at it again, albeit in an electronic form. A good friend of mine forwarded me an email from offering a really good price on the Norman L. Geisler Apologetics Library. With an average of RM10 per book, it is definitely a steal. How could I say no. (Let me know if you like the promotion code, provided it still works for you.)

All is good except that my "next-read" list is getting longer and longer, and I am still stuck on the same three books with the endings still so far away.



  1. That's a lot of Geisler in a go! Don't get choke! ;p

  2. Oh yes it is a lot! haha...
    I will try to take it a bit at a time and not chug it all down.


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