If I die

I am taking audit classes on Ezekiel for the past couple of months. This question was asked by one of my classmates on Monday in his presentation requirements for credit on Ezekiel 36: what is one thing that you really hope for?

The first thing that entered my mind was death, so that I may live. It is a complicated thought. No, I am not thinking about suicide. Yes, I still want to live on here on earth - for the sake of my family at least. I am thinking more in line of Paul's "for me to live and to die is gain." 

But that is not what I am trying to get at here.

What has been filling my thoughts for the past few days is this: what will happen if I die suddenly?

It will be too late to say what I want to say to people I want to say them to. It will be too late to tell them what I need to get done and not done. It will be too late to tell them how to get access to my digital stuff. Mostly trivial stuff, but still...I need them to know.

Then I thought there should be an email service provided for that purpose, in that you write your notes while you are alive and when you die, the letters will be sent to the recipients.

And yes, I found this site that does that exactly: http://ifidie.org/

I have created an account but I have not done anything yet. I don't know how and where to start.



  1. I am going to piggy-back on this post and link to you.

  2. What an interesting website. I've wondered about that, too, with all the technology we have, it just changes things so much.


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