If I die...a follow up

I blogged about this last week. I could not get it off my mind and have been thinking of it quite a lot. I was not sure what and how to get about it but I am now a bit clearer as to what I need to do.

For one, I have finally gotten my will done up. I have wanted to do this for a really, really long time but I kept putting it off. In my opinion, he is a responsible person who gets his last will and testament done.

My next step is to deal with the small stuff.

As it is with most people these days, my life is quite tied up to the digital world. I find it weird if this blog and my Facebook, though not very active, would be left unattended and silent if I die suddenly. I want my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts removed, but I would like my blog to live on, albeit left suspended.

And what about all the books that I have amassed? If my son does not want them, I would prefer them to be given to a library than to have them left unused. As far as my ebooks are concerned, I have already accepted the fact that they are really just for my consumption.

And what about my passwords - my husband or son need to have them, in a safe way.

I have figured what I want to do with www.ifidie.org and I hope it works when the time comes.

After doing all that, i.e. coming up with instructions and wishes, the next step is a pretty tough one I'd say - writing notes and letters. It feels weird writing them when you are not dead and I wonder how it would be for others reading them when I am actually dead.



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