The most delightful book ever

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
by Winifred Watson (Persephone Books, 1938)

I had a long tiring week and I felt a need to temporary lose myself in a happy nowhere land of make believe. I scoured the list of books I have in my Kobo reader but they were all either too serious or too gloomy.

So I went to Goodreads and searched for an "easy read" and found Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day by Winifred Watson. I got my hands on a copy yesterday evening and it was such a delightful read. Had I not been so tired last night and had it not been so late a night, I would have finished it then. I woke up earlier this morning than planned and so I thought I might as well soak myself back into the story and had a most wonderful morning in a long time.

It is a Cinderella-like fairy tale: sweet, poignant, funny. The dialogue is absolutely amazing and Watson's story telling skills captivating. It has been awhile since I got so caught up in a read, not since my childhood days when I used to get buried in books.

It is certainly not gloomy but lighthearted yet unexpected. I kept wondering what's the next wonderful thing that would happen to Miss Pettigrew in the remaining of that one day. The definite book to read when you need something feel-good.

This has become my favourite and I will certainly read it over and over again.



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