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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus by Nichole Nordeman Album: Jesus Firm Foundation, Hymns of Worship (Provident, 2013) I found this new version of the all-too-familiar song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and I fell in love with it. I love how the chorus was given a new twist, all with a more modern tempo. "I wanna grow dim...standing next to him" - my favourite part. pearlie

New toy or old tricks?

I have been trying to learn to read, write and speak Mandarin all my life, but to no avail. When I was young, I did not have the interest. And having a teacher that took short cuts with us obviously didn't help. (She encouraged us to use our own version of pinyin , whatever helps, in our reading and not actually read the characters. Her exams questions were all word for word from the weekly exercises she gave us in class, and all I did was just memorise and regurgitate the answers. I did not learn a thing.) When I went to university, I tried again but it didn't go further than just one year of classes and soon enough, with no practice and no interest in pursuing it further, I lost all that I have learnt. When I started work, I bought books but they stayed on the shelves. Many years have passed since then and now I am trying again. And I certainly hope it will come to something. I have purchased an iPhone/iPad app from StickyStudy , and after just two days with it, it se