Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I had a good discussion in the office with my colleagues today. I had ask one of them to work on an office email etiquette guideline and mentioned that he should include a guideline on bcc: (blind carbon copy).

It is my practice that I do not use the bcc: unless I bcc: all the recipients in my email. My colleague asked me why, and I told him that I have encountered situations where it got awkward when someone did not realise that he was a bcc: recipient and proceeded to send a reply to all the intended recipients.

My colleague did not believe me and insisted that a bcc: recipient will not be able to reply to all except the sender.

He did a test and got his answer.

So, never send an email with bcc: recipients unless all of them are bcc: recipients. If you really need to send an email secretly to someone, send the email proper to the intended recipients first and then forward that copy of email to your secret recipient.


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2 comment(s)

  1. Broadcasted emails can so get us in trouble. :)

  2. It certainly can, and in many ways. I've had my share of boo-boos, that I am now super careful. Sometimes I find myself going overboard in checking and rechecking, and rechecking, my email before hitting send.