Fusion Haven in Seri Petaling

There was no CG meeting today and I took the opportunity to have dinner with my parents. I did a search for eating places in Seri Petaling and we decided to try Fusion Haven.

We go to Seri Petaling all the time but this restaurant is somehow situated in a location we seldom pass by and so we never knew about it even though it has been in operation for 10 years. The reviews in various websites have cited to between 4.5 to 5 stars out of 5. So, off we went.

And we were spoilt for choice. I could not decide what to order but I settled for these:

Mango Salad

Smoked Duck Pomodoro Alfredo

Mushroom Soup

We also had the german sausage platter, pork balls spaghetti and escargot. I was very happy, the food was superb, excellent and we will definitely be planning for another meal there.


Photo source: benjaminfoo.com, Trip Advisor, clevermonkey.com


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