Gone are the days I never blogged about

I wanted to log my travels over the years today and I was able to do it because I have been faithfully blogging back then. My good friend Melissa asked me a question yesterday if I have stop blogging entirely. My reply was that I found myself thinking and musing not as much as before. But after looking through my travelogue here in my blog, I realized what I have missed.

I stopped blogging when I began working in a highly pressured environment in 2009. I had no time to write or even think, other than work stuff. As such, I stopped my daily blogging for more than 4 years already and now living to regret it.

I have tried several times to revive it but I could not keep at it, daily posting that is. It never went beyond a week or so.

And I have lost more than just a good log of my days, thoughts and experience but connection with my blogger friends as well and that is even sadder.

What would it take for me to get back into a daily thing?



  1. I think FB changed the blogging landscape Pearlie. I miss those early days of blogging. I really cannot think of anyone from those days who still regularly blogs. Susan (Penless Writer) still blogs sometimes but most of my blogging community is made up of folks I have met in the past few years.

    My suggestion is that you find a way to regularly write short posts. If you want to write something longer you may want to break it into smaller pieces. Mostly find a way to make time to both write and read what others write.

    Not sure that makes sense? I have a tendency to ramble. :)

  2. Yes, I agree than FB has changed its landscape. I have tried FB-ing but somehow it does not appeal to me.
    Thanks for your suggestion. It is what I had done and still am planning to do - to find that one thing that highlights my day and journal about it. I only need to be more disciplined :)


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