Monday, April 28, 2014

Celebrity Types

Click to enlarge (source: The Washington Post)

I was doing some research on MBTI case studies and found this very interesting celebrity types disc. I was trying to figure out my new colleagues' types and the descriptions, though short, are absolutely accurate and candid.

And I really like the description of the differences between the dichotomies, especially between J and P. I shall use these from now on:

To increase energy, those who...
- turn to others are an E (Extroversion)
- turn inward are an I (Introversion)

Those who take in information in a...
- creative way are an N (Intuition)
- pragmatic way are an S (Sensing)

When making decisions, those who...
- seek harmony are an F (Feeling)
- seek objective truth are a T (Thinking)

Those who prefer to...
- get closure and act are a J (Judging)
- stay open and adapt are a P (Perceiving)


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