Kobo vs. Marvin

I have been posting reviews on Kobo vs. Kindle, but in actual fact, both handle different kinds of ebook formats, epub and mobi respectively. Ergo, might not be too useful of a comparison.

My ebooks are usually in epub format and Kobo is really getting on my nerves. The most important thing in an ebook reader is its performance, not the frills, which Kobo thrives in. But when it comes to performance, it has deteriorated.

Sometimes the page doesn't turn and the app appears to have crashed. I will need to restart the app. Sometimes when I finish a chapter and want to move on to the next, it goes backward one chapter instead. All this disrupt the reading flow. Moreover, when I select text either to have it defined, to add notes or to email it as a quote, I usually have to wait at least 5 seconds before I can do anything.

This won't do - the reading experience is very important and Kobo does not cut it anymore. So I went looking for a substitute and found Marvin.

If I can be in love with an app, this is it. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I can have so many format options with the iPad app, including selecting a two-column portrait format. This makes reading in a bigger screen much, much easier.

It can also email selection of text to my Evernote account. The other beauty of it is that I can synchronise the books I am reading between my iPhone and iPad via my Dropbox account.

There are many more other features I am looking forward to discovering. I now need to find a way to read Kobo-bought books in Marvin. Here's a great review of the app.

The only weird thing for me about this app though is that it has the same name as my current pastor, and I read almost everyday. He is thus being thought of everyday.



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