Nothing beats a cup of tea

I am a tea-person. I like coffee but nothing beats a cup of hot fragrant tea - whether it is a cup of black tea for the purists or a cup of infusion for the not-so-serious.

I have yet to get serious though. I had wanted to get a nice Chinese tea set and Pu-Erh tea discs but I didn't know where to start.

Or how about the most expensive tea in the world, the Da Hong Pao (literally Big Red Robe)? I obviously won't be able to savor it being priced at USD23,000 for 20 grams! Not even in my dreams.

So I am still taking it easy with the convenient tea bags from the wide varieties from Twinnings, Marks & Spencer, Dilmah and Montea (a local Malaysian brand of chinese teas). My current favourites are the Darjeeling, Peppermint, Lady Grey, Chamomile, Genmai-Cha, Xiang Pian and Pu-Erh.

So here am I in the office with a mini kettle, my tin-box of assorted loose tea bags and boxes of tea. It is an everyday affair now - steeping and sipping tea while busy with work. It almost feel like sitting by the seaside with a tall glass of iced lemon tea, and a good book.


Photo source: Red Luxury


  1. I prefer dark roast strong coffee. That said, I am an Earl Grey sort of guy. And, of course, I drink it like the Brits do. :)

  2. Dark roast strong coffee - you must try coffee in Malaysia :) The local coffee here is not the robusta or arabica kind but the liberica. Not as high quality as the other two but we have ways to make it rich and flavorful.


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