Seventy times seven

I don't like conflict. Not sure if anyone does. I certainly don't, but I have learnt to handle it as best as I could. I would usually take a step back and not react, though I can implode when it becomes too personal for me.

So my next step will be to forgive. It is not easy but it is a decision I will make. I may not feel like it but since feelings has nothing to do with it and God has commanded me to forgive, so I shall.

Forgetting it though will be another matter. I have blogged about it before (here and here.) And reading back, I begin to wonder if I have even matured in this or have I regressed.

I suppose I have seventy time seven more times to forgive this individual, and to grow more into maturity in Christ.



  1. I sometimes think that forgiveness is all about release. We release the person from our judgment and ill feelings. We also release ourselves of the bitterness and anger that often accompany unforgiveness. Forgiveness also provides a means for reconciliation.

  2. I haven't thought about it that way but yes, you are right - forgiveness is about release. I also happen to see this quote today: "Forgiving is easy, trusting again, not so much." Forgiveness and reconciliation - certainly an effort, and what an "effort" Jesus chose to undergo to forgive us. All the more I realise I need to forgive, and forget, and reconcile. Like we Malaysians will say, "It's ok lah" :D

  3. Ideas around forgiveness are always fascinating Pearlie. Some think that reconciliation is not the goal of forgiveness. I sometimes feel that way. But then I think of how God's forgiveness always seems to be about reconciling us to him.

  4. I agree that sometimes reconciliation is not the goal because reconciliation is not possible. But definitely a reconciliation with God.

  5. True. Perhaps genuine reconciliation only happens when both parties are fully reconciled with God?

  6. I agree. We are all to be reconciled to God.


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