Why do we work?

Why do we work? I believe when God created man, he created him to work and to enjoy work. Except that because man wanted (and still wants) to be king and lord of his own life, man rejected God and as a result, work is now a curse.

What do you want out of your career, your job?

I simply want to enjoy it. To create something that will contribute to the organisation that I work for. I know...financial security is important but it means nothing if I don't enjoy what I do.

Back to the question: why do we work?

I believe we are made to be productive and creative. That is how we are made. Until and unless we find something productive to do, we will amble along in life with no purpose or fulfillment. And that is bad.

I had a good day at work today, enjoying what I did and created. And I am thankful.

I am learning to live a thankful life no matter what's on my plate, whatever goes my way. I won't say it will not be difficult but I know God is good, no matter what the circumstance.



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