Sunday, May 11, 2014

Guilty moms?

Chris Abner spoke to us in church today with a sermon entitled The Gospel and Motherhood. He opened with the above video, which I have come across before but not watched. It brought tears me my eyes, and mom, Happy Mother's Day - I love you!

The main message of his sermon this morning will be something I will put close to my heart. It is a fact that all mothers are plagued with guilt. All. The. Time.

The only way out is to cling to the Gospel of Christ. His grace, his salvation, his providence, his mercy.

Chris quoted a mom, the source of which I think is from here by Julie Coleman.
When you are a mother, guilt is a state of being...(but) when Jesus suffered and died on the cross, the Heavenly Judge banged the gavel, and those who believed were set free. One man's act condemned us. The other One's act paid our debt in full. So technically, we are not guilty any more, at least in God's sight. Yet we do often continue carrying the often crushing weight of guilt around on our of the many benefits to our salvation is the fact the Holy Spirit resides within us as a guarantee of our salvation. He does more than inhabit us. He guides us and teaches us...yet still we may hold tight to the guilt, refusing to forgive ourselves...once we have confessed the sin, we must place the guilt in God's capable hands and walk away. Jesus' shoulders are big enough to bear our guilt. And His sacrifice was big enough to pay the price for that sin.Be wise enough to see the difference between conviction and guilt. Let the forgiveness that has been so freely given us wash over you. Bask in the grace of God. Because you are free."
Bask in the grace of God, my
fellow mothers. Happy Mother's Day!


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