Thursday, May 15, 2014

Operations vs. Consulting

Working in an operation environment -- compared to consulting -- can be more tiring, unless of course if you are in a consulting project with crazy demands and hours.

I remembered when I was back in a generalist role in a legal firm, I came home every evening almost zombified, and all I could do is to sit in front of the TV for some mindless shows to keep my mind off work and to de-stress myself.

It is not so bad now, as I am not in a generalist position but holding a more specific role, but I am still more tired than usual. Maybe it is because when I was in consulting, my work was more focused. Now in operations, I have to manage several different things all at one time.

But I have been enjoying myself, all thanks and praise to the Heavenly Father. There has been several good accomplishments, albeit small ones, and there are a few good things to look forward to.

Thank you, Abba.


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