Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What a day!

Today is quite an eventful day. A bit too eventful in fact.

Firstly, I performed my first facilitation duty here in this company, and it was a good one. I have done facilitation of training and workshop sessions quite often, but it has been awhile. So, I rather enjoyed myself doing it for the morning half of the day.

Secondly, in my rush to get to the workshop this morning, I dropped my gym card. I had too many things in my hands. I was trying to get something out but my gym card flew out of my hands. The lift doors were ajar. It flew up, dropped down, fit itself perfectly in the gap, and fell right into the lift shaft. There it goes, and I had to get a replacement card.

Thirdly, there was much to do to get ready for a training session in the next three days, as well as to cover for the three days I will not be in the office.

Finally, on the way back from work, I used the route that I usually take, and missed the turn I told myself never, never, never to miss, because there will be no turning back. I missed it today, and took a extremely long way back home -- more than 50 km of detour that is.

I am certainly glad the day is over, but I am nevertheless thankful to God -- it was still a good day, but what a day!


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