Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why do I blog? 2

I was struggling today on what to post here today so as to keep up with my daily blogging. I have had a long break from daily blogging since 2009 and resuming it now in 2014, it is taking me a whole lot of discipline to keep to a daily knowing full well that the moment I miss a day, I will never come back to a daily.

I feel that I am not thinking or mulling as much as before. What does it signify? It could mean that I have resolved most of the outstanding matters in my mind, which means it is time now to expand and look for other areas to learn and think about, except that there are fewer things that concerns me now, and much of what comes to mind are trivial and petty - not worth thinking and blogging, and yet these are the things that somewhat mark my days and they end up in my blog.

I am revisiting the reason I blog and realized it has not changed from when I noted it down on April 8, 2008. Here were my reasons and they remain the same to this day.

One additional reason is that it will certainly become a snapshot of my life over the years. And I plan to continue to keep it a daily until there are no more days in my life, God willing.

So, sometimes there will be interesting and relevant things and sometimes there will be unimportant and frivolous stuff. But that is who I am, bits and parts of what makes me me, whilst I strive to imitate Christ in this life he has given me.


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