Sunday, June 01, 2014

Proof I don't travel enough / Catching Up #1

I will be flying to Singapore this evening and I found myself desiring to maximise my time at home with my family before I go off for a week and as such, I booked an evening flight. But I also wanted to maximise the time I am in Singapore to catch up with friends I have not met in years. With that, I made arrangements to meet each one of them every night I am in Singapore, except for the last.

But what I found was this: in taking a later flight, and spending time catching up with a friend on arrival, I was only able to check into the hotel at 12:30am and finally settle into my room and sleep at 2am. I will surely have problems keeping awake tomorrow in the training session I signed up for. So maybe it will be a better idea to give it more time and fly in much, much earlier.

The other lesson I learnt was not to be so adventurous in taking the MRT from the airport to the hotel. I got lost and what more, at 12:00am in the morning. I nearly panicked. Thankfully, the second person I asked for directions actually knew where my hotel was and directed me to the opposite direction that I had intended to pursue! I thank God for him, this nice young man, for his help and knowledge. Next time, Pearlie, take a taxi!

On the front of catching up on friends, this evening was Catching Up #1, and I caught up with Sharon, my ex-colleague back when we were in KPMG, whom I have became very close to at that time because we were in the same projects, we were in the same boat of learning consultancy as a new skill and we were in the same boat in surviving the challenges and problems we faced. It was a great catching up and bringing it all up to date with each other in how we have been growing and maturing since the last we parted. I pray for Sharon that in her life now as a stay-at-home mom, she will find deep fulfillment in the nurturing of her three children as well as her home and herself as a person. May God be with her and she with Him.


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