Saturday, June 21, 2014

The MLM sinkhole

I didn't know that it would affect me this much. I had felt very sorry about it when I heard about it yesterday, but it had stayed with me as I kept thinking about it.

I got to know about a person who got herself so involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that she has literally sold herself to it; body, heart and soul. In the two years that she was in it, she has lost so much and gained almost nothing, and yet she has not the eyes to behold it. She has lost all her money, but more importantly she has lost her health and her relationships, and yet she is still clinging on to it with dear life.

I am ashamed to say it, and I still prefer not to mention this portion of my life albeit a short one, when I was sold into the empty promises of MLM. Thankfully, I only lost some money - not a lot but not little. But I felt that what I lost most was my pride. How could I be so blind and stupid, as to fall into such schemes?

I cannot remember how long I was sucked into it: six months perhaps? This person has been in it for more than two years, and in the efforts of her loved ones in trying to pull her out of the literal sinkhole, nothing has worked.

Again, why would one fall into such schemes? I think I know the answer.


And why would one still cling onto it when it is not working and not see that it is ruining their lives?

Pride. And greed.

And how can we reach out to give them a better perspective to what they have gotten themselves into?

I don't know. Could it be a psychological issue? Would a psychotherapist help? The trick though would be to get them to see one.

I wouldn't.



  1. I think that sinkhole is the appropriate term Pearlie. Although the one caught up in MLM might call it an anchor?

    It is hard when one commits so fully to anything other than Christ. We see such behaviors both in the religious world and the secular one as well. Sometimes I think that it relates to black/white thinking and true/false paradigms.

    Sometimes we see MLM programs in churches as folks seek to gain disciples for themselves and members for their churches. In that respect some churches act like cults telling members to bring their friends to church.

    I seem to have strayed off topic. ツ

  2. Interesting segue and yes, you are right. The moment activities in church depart from being centered in Christ, they are nothing but self-centered and man-centered activities that fulfills the self.