Thursday, July 03, 2014

An answer to a prayer

We all know that God work in amazing ways and he does.

I have not been to a silent retreat for a really long time and suddenly I had this urge to be silent and to spend time alone with God. So I popped an email to Margaret of Maranatha Retreat House on Monday for the retreat this weekend. I wasn't expecting much and true enough, it was full.

The amazing thing however is this: I received an email this morning from Margaret telling me that there is a last minute pull out and if I would be interested to go.

Last minute stuff usually works for me. I texted my husband if he can manage with me gone for the weekend. He, being a last minute person himself, was ok about it too. And the next thing is to really decide if I want to go.

Margaret gave me a name, Mary, and contact number to call, without much detail. I could not get Margaret on the line and so I called Mary. It turned out that it was Mary's friend who pulled out and as a result Mary had to pay for the entire twin sharing room and she was about to confirm an expensive taxi ride up the hill. Apparently, I called just in time because not only can I replace the person who pull out and pay for half the room, I can also offer her transport. She wasn't too comfortable being alone in a taxi for such a long journey.

It feels nice to be an answer to someone's prayer and it feels good that I listened to the still small voice of the Spirit telling me that I need my silent time with God and that I should checked out the retreat time table.

O Lord, I look forward to spending time with you this weekend. Open my ears, my eyes, my mind and my heart to your words, your glory, your presence and your grace.



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