Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finally, card begone!

My first credit card I believe was back in 1991 when I started work. I got it from Hong Leong Bank, and all it took was a copy of my graduation certificate. After which, I got a second card in 1994 through my then employer's bank, Standard Chartered Bank.

I gave up the Hong Leong Bank card not long after because I found myself always having to drive to the bank in the heart of the city to its drive-through counter for payment and their officers weren't too friendly. That was then, before e-banking.

But I held on to the Standard Chartered Bank card until today when I successfully cancelled it! Yippee!!!

I've called in many times over the years to try to cancel it only to have them delay it by various offers, which I reluctantly consented. But I finally did it today and I'm very happy - because I seldom use it in the first place and I find their services wanting.

The worst being this: I've had this credit card for the last 20 years. Sometimes they would ask me verification questions that I am unable to answer as I am no longer sure which of the data in the 20 long years they have in record. When that happens, I can't get them to do what I needed them to do and they require me to haul myself to one of their branches to get it settled!

In this e-environment off late, that is the last thing I want to do. They have not been innovative enough to offer a loyal 20-year customer a better solution and so I'm glad to just give it up.

I am sentimental (20 years!) but practical trumps sentimental this round.


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