Friday, July 25, 2014

Gallup Strength: Input

When I talk about the Gallup Strengths these days, and was asked about my take on it, I tend to end up talking about my Input strength.

When I first got the assessment results, of all the top-5, this was the one that befuddled me the most.

What? Me collect things? No way. But soon I realised I actually do, and a lot of it. Maybe I am so natural about it, it didn't register.

I think a better word for Input is Resourceful. I have checked with several people who knows me and with whom I worked with and they agree that I am someone who is pretty resourceful.

Need something? Need an idea? Need a tool? Need a solution? Need information? Need anything? I will surely find you something. It may not be exactly what you are looking for but I would hope to give you enough options to find something useful or for you to have an idea where and what to be resourceful yourself.

I have been subconsciously aware of this strength of mine because it has been awhile now that I am mindful to hold back every time I thought I have discovered something to share. Whilst I may feel satisfaction and energy in discovering things, I feel others may not want to be inundated with stuff that is not (yet) relevant to them.

Whatever it is, it's a strength I'm most proud of and one which I keep noting that I'm practicing.


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