Thursday, July 10, 2014

My crazy high personal standards

I am in the midst of administering a workshop for work. I am stationed in a hotel function room making sure things are running as they should be for the workshop that is facilitated by my company's director.

With the time I have on the side, I brought work to do--I have so much of it--but I find it hard to concentrate while the workshop is ongoing.

So I decided to do some run-of-the-mill work that does not require that much thinking. With that I spend almost the whole day reformatting organisation charts uninterrupted. This is good as I will not be able to do that in the office.

On a different note, being in a place out of the usual, I can get out-of-sorts. In my trying to make sure everything is running perfectly, I got careless and dropped my iPhone cable yesterday and lost it. It is a small matter but being who I am with very high personal standards (as explained by a DISC guru whom I totally agree with), I was extremely angry at myself. The thing is I was trying to stop myself from spending the money to get a third cable, and here I lost one.

Today, I tried to resolve the matter in my mind and to come to terms with it. And in reaction, I said to myself I might as well go to the Apple Machines store this weekend and buy myself two bloody iPhone cables.

Photo: Klaus Post, 2005

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