Thursday, July 31, 2014

Power banked but under the bus

I am liking the Highs & Lows app, especially today when there were really a very delightful high and a very distinct low.

I'll start with the low. I felt like I was being thrown under the bus. This is the very first time I have ever used this "bus" phrase, and I really understand what it means now. I was truly thrown under the bus.

It happened when someone complained about something I have done and this other person, who is suppose to at least protect my interest, not only took the other person's side in the matter but she began to dismantle and sabotage my work.

I could not do anything but to stand there and take it all in. I have never felt so helpless in a long while.

On the contrary with my high, I have successfully logged in and purchased two units of Mi Power Bank last week. Imagine how difficult it was to do so as it was all sold out in just two seconds after it was put on sale online. Yes, they were all gone in just two mere seconds.

However, in all my excitement of securing the two units, I gave them my house address for delivery. The thing is no one is home during office hours and the moment I clicked to check out the items, it was too late. I could not go back to change it. I proceeded anyway and hoped for the best.

But of all days that my mom drop by my house, she came in today and took delivery of the package! Perfect timing. A simple thing but I thank my Abba in heaven for it.

He also takes care of our little things. How marvelous is He!


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