Friday, July 04, 2014

Silent Retreat Day 1

I had a really long day today administering a workshop session for about 30 people. I have been doing that since Wednesday and I am totally exhausted.

And as it is with most Fridays, I spend the evening with close friends in CG in a warm hearth of friendship and brotherly love.

Instead I found myself in a group of strangers. Maybe it is because this silent retreat was a last minute one, of which I have had no preparations made. I know I did say that I am a queen of last minutes yesterday. It's just that when I am finally here, I felt so uneasy and out of place and in my tiredness, I did not recognise what it was and it was indeed unnerving. Introductions with the few people who spoke to me were really awkward. My deepest apologies to them.

But I am more settled down now that the time is silence has begun. The time of solitude that I am yearning for is now here and I am feeling more at peace.

But the thing is I am so tired I want to get to sleep but I can't. My mind is just too busy.

I need to wind down. And retire. And sleep.

Good night everyone.


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